Speciality pancakes

Wageningse pancake:Pancake with onion, mushrooms, bacon and a fried egg.€8,75
Italian pancake:Filled with ham, mushrooms, tomatoes and unions. Prepared in the oven with mozzarella and Italian herbs.€8,75
Spinach pancake:This green pancake is served with, tomatoes spring unions and parmasan cheese.€8,75
Shoarma pancake:Fouled pancake filled with shoarma meat, peppers, unions and mushrooms with garlic sauce.€8,75
Mexican pancake:Pancake with mince, kidney beans, paprika, onions, corn mushrooms, tomatoes Mexican herbs and cheese.€8,75
Brie pancake:Pancake served with cream brie , walnuts and honey.€8,75

Traditional pancakes

Plain with butter€5,50
Apple and cinnamon€7,25
Ginger and pine-apple€7,25
Apple and cheese€7,75
Apple and bacon€7,75
Mushrooms and bacon€8,00
Hot cherries, vanilla icecream and whipped fresh cream€8,00
For extra garnish we charge € 0.75 extra.
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