Tosti’s (toasted sandwiches)

Tosti ham/cheese€3,95
Tosti cheese/tomato/spring onions€3,95
Tosti cream brie€4,25
Tosti cheese/ginger€4,25
Tosti Hawaii (cheese, ham, pineapple)€4,25
Tosti cream brie with smoked salmon€4,75
Tosti mozzarella, with tomato, spring onion, Italian herbs€4,75
Farmers tosti (cheese, tomato, bacon, unions)€4,75


Thick tomato soup with fillet of chicken and cream€4,50
Gratinated French onion soup€4,50
Broth of beef with vegetables and little mince balls€4,50
Portion of French baguette with herb and garlic butter€3,25
All the soups named above are served with a little roll and herb and garlic butter.


Soft breads (white or wholemeal))

Young matured cheese orVeluwse farmers ham€4,25
”Old Amsterdam” cheese (very mature cheese)€4,50
Home roasted roast beef€4,50
“Kwekkeboom” croquette (croquette filled with beef-meat)€4,50
“Healthy” (prepared with cheese, uncooked vegetables and fruit)€5,25
Cream brie€4,75
Russian salad€4,50

Croissant or French baguette (white or malted grain)

Croissant natural€2,50
Croissant with jam€2,85
Young matured cheese or Farmers ham€5,25
‘Old Amsterdam” very matured cheese€5,50
Home roasted roast beef€5,50
“Kwekkeboom” croquette (croquette filled with beef-meat)€4,95
“Healthy” (prepared with cheese, uncooked vegetables and fruit)€6,25
Cream brie€5,75
Russian Salad€5,25

Croissant or French baguette out of the oven

Hawaii (ham/cheese/pineapple)€5,75
Cheese/tomato and spring onions€6,00
Cream brie (with honey and walnuts)€6,00
Mozzarella (with tomato, spring unions, Italian herbs)€6,00

Speciality sandwiches and rolls

Meatballs with bread ( for extra frites €2,75):2 homemade meatballs wth bread and meat juice€7,75
2 ”Kwekkeboom” croquettes on 2 slices of bread:Typical Dutch lunch with beef-meat croquettes.€7,50
Club Sandwich:
Double toasted sandwich with chicken, bacon, tomato, cucumber and fresh fruit.€7,25
Suisse Snack:
3 slices of bread with ham, a ”kwekkeboom” croquette and Russian salad.€7,95
French baguette with chicken liverPortion of chicken livers, bacon, unions and mushrooms.€8,25
Porc of chicken sate with bread:Marinated filet of pork served with warm peanut sauce (for extra frites � 2,75)€9,50
French baguette “warm meat”:Slices of pork meat with bacon, onions and mushrooms, served with warm peanut sauce.€8,25
Hotel “Wentholt”:waldcorn roll with smoked salmon and smoked eel.€9,25
2 ”Kwekkeboom” croquettes:with chips and salad.€9,75

Fried eggs and omelettes

3 fried eggs with veluwse farmers ham or cheese€6,75
3 fried eggs with Veluwse farmers ham and cheese€7,25
3 fried eggs with bacon€7,25
3 fried eggs with roast beef€7,25
3 fried eggs “de Bergpoort” with unions, mushrooms, bacon, tomato and cheese.€7,75
4 fried eggs “Suisse” (3 slices of bread with ham, cheese and roast beef).€7,75
Plain omelette€6,25
Veluwse farmers Ham or cheese omelette€6,95
Mushrooms and onion omelette€6,95
Cream brie ,tomato and spinach omelette€7,95
Farmers omelette€7,95
Chicken liver, union and mushroom omelette€7.95
The fried eggs and omelettes are served with 2 slices of wholemeal or white bread.


Crispy cooked tortilla

Tortilla with chicken:Green mixed salad with marinated tomatoes, bacon, spring onion, paprika, sunflower seeds and, pieces of grilled chicken breast.€7,95
Tortilla with salmon:Green mixed salad with marinated tomatoes, bacon, spring onion, paprika, sunflower seeds and piece of grilled salmon.€7,95
Tortilla with goat cheese:
Green mixed salad with marinated tomatoes, bacon, spring onion, paprika, sunflower seeds and fried goat cheese.
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