Grilled pieces of rumpsteak and a mixed green salad€7,50
deep fried prawns with a mixed green salad€7,50
Salad of smoked Salmon€7,50




Thick tomato soup with fillet of chicken and cream€4,00
Gratinated French onion soup€4,00
Broth of beef with vegetables and little mince balls€4,00


Vegetarian main courses


Aubergine Parmigiana:aubergine prepared in the oven with tomatoes and Parmasan cheese.€12,75
Goat-cheese:deep fried goat cheese with honey sauce.€12,75


Main courses meat


Black angus Steak:Grilled steak with one of the sauces below.€17,75
Wienerschnitzel:A nice large schnitzel (pork) plain served with one of the sauces below.€14,95
Minute steak of beef:Roasted beef served with “forest-keepers” sauce.€14,95
Tournedos plain:Tender tournedos served plain or with one of the sauces below.€20,75
Mixed Grill:A small fillet of chicken, a small tender tournedos and a small piece of fillet de pork served with garlic sauce or with one of the sauces below.€18,50
Fillet of chicken:Double fillet of marinated chicken, served with one of the sauces below.€14,75
Fillet of chicken:Double fillet of chicken with mozzarella, herbs and Ardennerham.€16,75
Fried Calf liver:Calf live with unions and bacon.€17,75
Spare ribs:portion marinated spare ribs with garlicsauce.€16,50


Sauces to go with meat


Pepper sauce:creamy sauce with green peppers.
Mushroom cream sauce:Creamy sauce with mushrooms.
Stroganoff sauce:Creamy sauce with mushrooms, onion, paprika.
Potuguese sauce:piri piri sauce with tomatoes, shallots, paprika, garlic.
Forest-keepers sauce::A sauce with fungus, shallots, onions, garlic and bacon.


Fish Main courses


Filets of sole plain:3 cooked fillets of sole with tartar sauce.€16,75
Grilled fillet of salmon:Grilled fillet of salmon with tartar sauce.€16,75
Cooked fillet of cod:Fillet of cod with tartar sauce.€16,75
Captains dinner:Combination of baby sole, fillet of salmon and prawns with tartar sauce.€18,75
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